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Many thanks to Christie for the great CBT sessions. In just a few weeks I had overcome my anxiety and was on my way to achieving my goals. By the end of our ten sessions I had overcome my issues with perfectionism and now have a realistic approach to myself and my life. JT

I am very grateful to Christie for her excellent counselling skills and guidance. I have been living with anxiety and depression at work and feeling overwhelmed but she has changed the way I think about my job and I am a lot happier and calmer now. I would thoroughly recommend Christie to anyone. CM

I wish I had discovered CBT earlier, it has been a great help to me. Through seeing Christie and going through the ABCs of CBT I am now have a direction in my life and don’t procrastinate anymore. Thank you. SG

I didn’t think I would be able to get over my fear of exams but with Christie’s help I did! (and I got good results). PT

I was stuck in my depression because of an abusive relationship, but with Christie’s CBT techniques I have overcome the PTSD I was experiencing and feel a lot better. I was stuck in my negative thinking which was a pattern of mine but with ‘Clearmind’ I found a safe space to look at my thoughts and behaviours and change them. I feel renewed! AS

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