Coaching and Mentoring

In addition to integrative CBT therapy I offer personalised coaching and mentoring. I have worked as a business, academic and life coach for twenty years with private clients and also in my role as personal tutor at the University of London. Through the process of coaching and mentoring I have helped clients to find their true path in life and achieve academic and personal success.

Coaching and mentoring for success

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

With both CBT therapy and coaching the aim is to help clients to achieve their goals. However, while CBT therapy focuses on a client’s negative emotions and emotional problems, coaching is about focusing on the changes that the client would like to make in their life.

Therefore, the basic presumption of coaching is that the client is in a good place both mentally and emotionally, and ready to receive guidance and instruction on how to make these changes. The work therefore focuses on creating and maintaining motivation so that the client is able to understand what they would like to change and how they can change.

What is the difference between therapy and mentoring?

Mentoring is when a client seeks advice and support from a more experienced or more knowledgeable person to help them achieve a particular task. Therefore, it is more about helping the client develop specific skills so that they can understand what is required in order to be successful at their desired goal.

I can tailor my sessions to help you to achieve your current goal(s).